We are a team of internationally located professionals with quality and innovation-driven approach.
Our team members have extensive knowledge and experience with the healthcare sector, quality of patient care and research. We are creative, proactive and enjoy working together, sharing our company's vision and approach to finding solutions to everyday challenges. Capreolos GmbH was founded with a vision of using digital solutions for improving patient care and experience for both patients and their doctors.

A patient-oriented company

- Our culture and values are focused
on patient safety and quality of care.

- Our approach puts the patient in the centre.


- A revolutionary and visionary app solution that is made for all stakeholders in healthcare.

Medical excellence

- An evidence-based but creative and independant approch in collaboration with patients, doctors and hospitals.

The Ready4OP App

The first individualized prehabilitation programe for patients before major surgery.


The Ready4Op App is an educational tool for patients before major surgeries. These can be cancer surgery in the abdomen, the thorax, the breast, or others. Major surgeries also can be bariatric surgeries for obese people or major hernia repairs after surgeries in the past.

If you have a different kind of surgery, you can of course use the app too!

With the Ready4Op App, we want to inform you in an evidence-based fashion about a lot of things that are not always clear to you when you talk to your surgeons for the first time, and your GPs or other medical specialists may not be able to cover completely. As we are a specialist team of academic surgeons and anesthetists with together more than 50 years of clinical experience in major surgery and anesthesia, we empower you with 9 categories and 52 subcategories for better knowledge about medical reports and better communication with your medical specialists. This includes information about how you can prepare optimally during the weeks before your surgery (prehabilitation) and how things may be in the hospital and thereafter. We want you to be prepared for your personal marathon - and major surgery with everything going along is comparable to a marathon. Be the best version of yourself to get through this with as few problems as possible.

  • From docs for patients.

  • Evidence-based knowledge in prehabilitation.

  • Supports communication and health literacy before major surgeries.

  • An educational tool for docs and patients.

  • 9 modules, 52 subcategories.




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