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The Prehab App

The first individualized prehabilitation programe for patients before major surgery.


What is the Prehab App?

The Prehab App is an individualized prehabilitation program designed for patients having a major surgical procedure in the near future. It pairs the patient with a three week risk-stratified exercising program that is done at home and supervised by the treating doctor. The aim of our program is for the patient to improve his or her aerobic fitness and prepare their bodies in the best possible way for the stress that is major surgery.

Surgery and prehabilitation facts

Class II Medical Product
A CE certified medical product based on years of research and evidence on surgery, prehabilitation and risk of complications.
The 1st prehabilitation program
It's the first individualized, risk-stratified prehabilitation program for patients to use at home but supervised by their doctor.
Improved outcomes and quality of life
Using the program before surgery leads to fewer complications, improved survival rates and overall quality of life after the procedure.
Patient Safety and Quality of Care
The program is set to improve medical providers' patient safety quality of care by improving outcomes after major surgery.


A new, developing and exciting field of medicine focusing on improving patients' physical fitness.

There are more than 300 M major surgeries performed across the world each year complications after surgical interventions affect 15-40 % of patients and have both short and long-term impacts as they can be associated with increased morbidity, mortality, and longer hospital stays. Those adverse events affect patient satisfaction and experience.

The complication risk is determined by a broad range of factors, including cancer diagnosis, age, frailty, and other comorbidities that may be modified and optimized before a surgical procedure. Almost 40% of the people in high-income countries (HICs) are older than 65 years. The risk of cancer and a need for major surgery gets bigger with age which means a lot of older people will need surgery in the next years.

Up to one in four patients undergoing major surgery will have complications.
Up to one in 12 patients dying in a hospital will be because of complications after major surgery.
Older people are at higher risk because of age, less physical activity, and other diseases.


Makes the patient ready for surgery or other medical interventions.

Prehabilitation makes the patient ready for surgery or other medical interventions. The preoperative period is a window of opportunity in which patients can increase their overall physical state and significantly influence their outcomes. An individual and tailored prehabilitation program places the patient at the core of their perioperative journey. A structured program of exercises can significantly improve patients' physical fitness before surgery without increasing the risk of progress of the underlying disease.

Prehabilitation has been linked to a significant decrease in complication rates after surgery, shorter hospital stays, and most importantly mortality. Besides the obvious benefits for the patients it has also been shown to lead to lower costs of care for the healthcare providers.

A window of opportunity.
Patient at the core of the perioperative journey.
Fewer complications after surgery, shorter hospital stays, and better quality of life after surgery.
Lower costs for patient care for healthcare providers.

e-Health Award 2021

Winners of the category of most innovative start-up.


Development and Validation of The Prehab App

A digital remote and home-based prehabilitation before major surgical procedures in the abdomen or chest will help to avoid complications and reduce costs.

The Prehab App-1.png

Project details

The prehab app will consist of 2 elements. In the doctor app, a toolbox of evidence-based will be used to assess the patients’ risk factors. Then a 3-to-6-week aerobic interval training will be automatically generated from those risk data. The prehabilitation program will consist of exercising, assessments of mental well-being and nutritional support. The applications are built with a high focus on usability and an easy implementation into daily life.

The primary targets of application will be major (cancer) operations in the abdomen (i.e. esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bowels, kidneys, prostate, ovaries, uterus, pararenal glands, incisional hernias, and operations for obesity) and the chest (lung) as well as breast surgery. There are good data in literature, that the systematic application of moderate to highly intense exercising (aerobic interval training) can be associated with up to 50% less complications and 30% less costs after surgery.

Capreolos GmbH is responsible for the development and the provision of all safety-related, IT-specific, regulatory, and infrastructural requirements. The development of the medical device is carried out in cooperation with a notified body and the BfArM (German regulatory authority for drugs and medical devices).

The University Hospital Frankfurt of Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main are responsible for the DIN ISO 14155, MDR, and MPDG compliant clinical trial (LUMOS).

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